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Explore Our Festive Christmas Collection! 🎄✨ Discover Magical Deals, Seasonal Delights, and Gifts that Sparkle. Make This Holiday Unforgettable with American Author House! 🎁🌟 #CelebrateTheSeason #ChristmasMagic"

Explore Our Festive Christmas Collection! 🎄✨ Discover Magical Deals, Seasonal Delights, and Gifts that Sparkle. Make This Holiday Unforgettable with American Author House! 🎁🌟 #CelebrateTheSeason #ChristmasMagic"

Your Manuscript Needs Expert Book Editing Services

Exceptional writing comes from editing, refining, and transforming subpar pieces into something brilliant. Therefore, do not be afraid to let your creative juices flow and produce content that is no less than perfect. With our skilful book editing services, transform your manuscript into a masterpiece.

  • Rigorous and versatile book editing
  • Intensive book formatting
  • Professional book proofreading
  • Speedy-delivery on revisions
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Best Book Editors for Hire –Make Your Dream True

If you’re sceptical about your book editing, seeking a second opinion is always a good idea. At American Author House, our team of dedicated professional book editors and proofreaders is here to help.

We perform a rigorous step-by-step check on your manuscript, perform peer review, provide detailed feedback, and affordable editing and proofreading prices. Our goal is to transform your manuscript into a picture-perfect final product.

Our comprehensive editing services include online professional book editing, line-by-line editing, structural editing, book proofreading, and ebook formatting. Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll begin our editing and proofreading services swiftly and effectively.

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Professional Editorial Services by Our Experts

Writing is just the beginning of the creative process. Embrace the divine act of editing, and allow yourself the time and space to refine your work until it shines. And if you’re in need of a skilled editor, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance.

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Get a Fresh Pair of Eyes for Your Manuscript

As a writer, it’s common to make mistakes and struggle with editing or formatting. It’s essential to hire the best book editors for your manuscript. Professional proofreading, drafting, and developmental editing can increase your chances of success. Don’t let small mistakes hold you back. At American Author House, we have some of the best book editors for hire!

Line Editing for Manuscript

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Our line editing service is the most detailed form of book editing, perfect for individuals with dyslexia and non-native English speakers. Our editors pay careful attention to sentence structures, rhythms, connectivity, and clarity, ensuring your manuscript is polished and professional.

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Quality Copy Editing

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Our copy editing service is perfect for writers who want to refine and polish their manuscripts before publishing and submitting them. Our professional book editors extend beyond correcting punctuation, spelling, and typos errors, ensuring fact-checking, sentence clarity, and consistency.

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Developmental Editing

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We’re proud to offer developmental editing services that go beyond the basics, ensuring that your plot is well-aligned, your characters are well-developed and consistent, and that your manuscript is as polished and professional as it can be.

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Meticulous Proofreading

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If your text needs minor changes and the elimination of minor mistakes before your book goes to printing, our book proofreading/ebook proofreading service is the right choice. Our editors will focus on correcting punctuation, spelling, and typos errors, giving your manuscript the final polish it deserves.

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Are You Ready to Make Tough Decisions for Your Book Success?

Editing isn’t just about fixing typos and grammar mistakes. It’s about taking a step back and looking at your work with fresh eyes, asking yourself tough questions, and being willing to make difficult decisions in the interest of creating the best possible piece of writing. Don’t let your minor mistakes hold you back from achieving your dreams. Trust us to provide the best online editing services for your manuscript.

Become An Author To A Best Seller

Achieve A New York Times Bestseller Status

Our online editor service is affordable and professional, with meticulous editors who provide unparalleled ebook editing services. Our editors stick to grammar rules and formatting outlines while doing the edits for your manuscript, ensuring that it’s polished and professional.

For writers looking to publish their book immediately, we work assiduously to refine and revise your manuscript, helping you to achieve your publishing goals.

Trust the top book editing company for the best book editors for hire!

Our book editorial book offers:

  • Sentence structure correction
  • Inconsistency, spelling, typos, and grammar error correction
  • Editor’s notes and overall comments
  • Citation and reference formatting
  • Suggestions for tighter, crisper sentences
  • Extensive suggestions to improve perspective, style, word choice, tone, and structure
  • Changes to improve flow, readability, clarity, and structure
  • Comments indicating problems and suggestions for solutions
  • Track changes turned on for easy review
  • Approval is sought before significant changes made
  • Analysis of manuscript weaknesses and suggestions for improvement
  • Review of style, vocabulary, characterization, development, narrative, and structure
  • Long critical commentary pointing out areas for improvement
  • Line-by-line editing to improve flow and clarity while maintaining an authorial voice

Trust our editorial book team to make your manuscript the best it can be at cheap rates.

Earn The Prestige and Recognition You Deserve

We’ll help you earn the prestige of a popular writer and be recognized for your work by helping you publish world-renowned books.

  • Price
  • Typos
  • Spellings
  • US or UK
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Fact-checking
  • Consistency
  • Repetitions
  • Clarity
  • Style & flow
  • Cutting
  • Rewriting
  • Line-editing
  • From $30/1000 words
  • Some
  • Copy-editing
  • From $25/1000 words
  • Some
  • Proof-reading
  • From $20/1000 words
  • Some

Premium Book Editing Services in the USARefine Your Ideas, Clarify Your Thoughts, And Hone Our Message Just the Right Way

Let our agency’s editorial team help you connect with your audience in meaningful ways. Choose from our bundled editing and proofreading services to get the complete package. Let us help you reach the success you deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is book editing, and why is it important?

Editing a book is the final step in transforming a rough draft into a publishable work. There is more to Editing than just fixing typos. It includes enhancing the book's general structure, coherence, and flow. The editing process is crucial because it polishes the author's work to its fullest potential. It helps in turning raw gems into captivating literary masterpieces.

How does professional editing enhance manuscripts?

Manuscripts can be improved and enhanced from mediocre to great with the help of professional editors. Editors provide unbiased input and helpful critique by looking at a project from an alternate perspective.

They aid writers in identifying and correcting problems with continuity, logic, and character growth. They improve the document by making the writing more polished. They are able to turn the prose into something of high quality while keeping the tone and voice constant. Professional editing improves manuscripts by making them more readable and interesting. It even turns them more viable for sale.

What aspects does the editing process cover?

When we talk about the editing process, it is broad. It covers much ground to improve the work in every way imaginable. Developmental editing is one type of editing that editors perform. And it focuses on the book's structure, plot, and central idea.

Refining sentence constructions, increasing clarity, and enhancing paragraph flow are all integral components of line editing. Copy editing is the process of checking for errors in language, punctuation, and style. The final phase before a piece is published is proofreading. It identifies and corrects any remaining mistakes. Editors guarantee that the entire document is flawless by attending to these details.

How do editors maintain the author's voice while improving the manuscript?

Professional editors know how crucial it is to maintain the author's voice. They collaborate closely with authors to revise their work. It helps them maintain the voice or style that makes it uniquely theirs. Expert editors read the author's work cover to cover to fully understand the author's voice, characters, and narrative arc.

They offer guidance and counsel while always keeping the author's voice and vision in mind. Editors and writers can strike a good balance between making the work better. They keep the author's voice intact by working together and talking things out openly.

What are the different levels of editing services?

We offer a vast array of editing services to meet the needs of different types of authors. Authors who need a thorough analysis of their manuscript's organization, storyline, and characterization may consider investing in developmental editing.

The process of line editing digs deeply into the text to improve its sentence structure, vocabulary choice, and readability. Copy editing is all about correcting errors in language, punctuation, and style.

Proofreading guarantees one last look for mistakes before publication. By separating our editing services into several stages, we can better meet the needs of diverse authors.

How do editing services help authors prepare their manuscripts?

Authors rely heavily on editing services when it comes to getting their works ready for publication. Our professional editors provide expert advice and experience in the publishing sector.

    They provide:
  • • useful criticism
  • • point out where the paper falls short,
  • • make suggestions for making it more marketable
In addition, editors help writers learn and apply genre-specific conventions to their genre. It greatly raises the likelihood that the final product will be up to par with professional expectations. Authors can polish their writings and confidently share them with the world with the help of our editing services.